Introducing The Journey Trial

Let's get you on the path to a happier, more confident YOU, today.

The Journey Trial allows you to try everything for an offer price of only £129 — read on to find out why you should get involved today or jump to the bottom to get started 🚀

What are the benefits of The Journey Trial

We could speak for hours of the benefits of Small Group Personal Training, or the improvements to your lifestyle, or feeling part of a supportive community but, these are the 3 most significant benefits you will get when joining.

✅ Build up your confidence with training. Our coaching team have trained at every level, from beginners to athletes so you need exactly zero experience to come in for a trial — we’ve got you, no matter where you start.

✅ Training your body also helps you improve your mindset, eating and sleeping. After a great training session, the last thing you want to do is ruin it with junk food—our coaches can help you with a nutrition plan. As you start to feel and see the changes happening to your body shape, energy levels and overall positive mindset, you’ll wish you had got involved sooner.

✅ You’ll be amazed at everything on offer, so it’s a good thing you’ll have 30 days to try everything out.

When it comes to the end of the trial you won’t find us pushy or forcing you to do anything you don’t want to do. We have many options to choose from and we believe we have something that caters to everyone. After a month, we hope our wide range of services is enough to speak for itself.

Our mission is to make people happier through fitness and wellbeing—we understand that happiness comes from doing what you can do when you can do it—and, we’ll be there with you, supporting and encouraging you through every step, no matter the option you choose.

Catch up with owner Steve on what we’ve been up to.

What’s included in every trial

✅ Induction 1-1 setup for a smooth start to your new fitness journey

✅ Online SGPT sessions, live and interactive with your coach

✅ Outdoor SGPT (Small Group PT) sessions at The Journey Box in Hermitage Park – train with your coach in the fresh air!

✅ Indoor Gym SGPT sessions at The Journey Seafront facility (as soon as Gyms are allowed to reopen)

✅ Unlimited Online Team Workouts including Beginners Classes (Live + On Catchup)

✅ Additional Journey TV content including live streams from our coaches and guest speakers on Nutrition, Sleep, Productivity, Mindset and many more topics

✅ Exclusive members group and chat access — get the support of our community plus keep up with the latest news and updates

✅ If you decide we’re not a ‘Great Fit’ for you within your first 7 days, we’ll refund your money, no questions asked— it’s more important to us that you are happy, every step of the way.

What is SGPT?

Small Group Personal Training is a popular form of PT — it is our members preferred model too and also means we don’t need to charge the far higher 1-1 PT prices.

Including up to 6 people plus your coach during each session creates a vibrant atmosphere and pushes you on through your session, leaving you feeling accomplished when you’re done.

Your coach has all the experience to ensure that you are doing exactly what you should be doing at all times, and the other members in your team will help you keep going throughout. Our members love it and so do we as it

How booking SGPT sessions works?

Each trial includes 2 SGPT sessions each week and unlimited group classes.

SGPT sessions can be a combination of Outdoor, Indoor Gym* or Online SGPT so you can train anywhere that makes you feel more comfortable. All bookings are done easily and conveniently through our MindBody booking app on a credits per week basis.

When you are on the Trial, you have 2x credits every week. If you were to book 1x Online SGPT and 1x Outdoor SGPT session—both credits would be used and therefore you wouldn’t be able to book any further sessions that week. You can, however, book up to 2 weeks in advance to help you plan.

Credits do not roll over, so make sure you use your allocation every week.

How do Inductions work?

Every trial starts with an Induction and InBody composition* providing a clear starting point for your fitness journey. This is a fantastic session for understanding where you are, and where you want to get to. 

During your 30 minute induction, we can get chance to discuss how you feel about starting, any history of training, any pains that we need to work on and ask you to do a few simple exercises to see your range of motion. With all this info, we then create a unique training programme for us to get you started straight away.

Personalised programmes are like detailed “maps” — they help us navigate you to your goal—because any new journey should come with a map, right?

* Can only be accessed when the gym reopens; September 14.

One of members, Michelle tells us about her experience

Getting started

We believe “every fitness journey starts with a single step”. Purchasing The Journey Trial today allows you to get your induction booked in and starts the ball rolling.

We host inductions from Monday — Saturdays at 10am-12pm. Currently all our inductions are held outdoors.

Also, don’t forget our ‘Great Fit’, 7 day Guarantee.

Today we ask you to make a commitment to yourself, providing a chance at improving your life in many ways. For some it’s an easy choice—for others, it’s possibly one of the bravest things we could ask of you.

The Journey are here to help. Together, we can do this.

Hope to see you soon.