Small Group PT – is it for me?

You may have noticed that a huge part of The Journey’s training method is the ‘Small Group PT’ model.

Ever wondered what it is, why we use it and it’s benefits for you? Well, please read on. 

Before we begin though if for a brief moment that little devil on your shoulder saidIt’s just a way for those sneaky PTs to get more money for the same session” then shame on you, you know we love you guys and your success is our success. 

The truth is in many cases most people get better results training in Small Groups over a 1 to 1 PT session and attending bigger classes alone attending so “Why is that?” you ask, well that’s a great question and before we answer, let us start by describing just what we mean by Small Group Personal Training.

Here at the Journey a typical Small Group session consists of 1 Coach and up to 4 clients, which is very different to an exercise ‘Class’ that you might have seen in more corporate gyms or on youtube that can be made up of 1 instructor (often sporting neon lycra a bum bag and shouting things like you need to squeal to get buns of steel) and maybe as many as 20 plus people in the class. 

Now such sessions definitely have there place, in fact here at the Journey we run these type of classes too, as part of your membership (but worry not our instructors don’t don the lycra despite frequent petitions from members to do so) but of course with such large numbers there is only so much time 1 instructor can spend with each individual to give them the specific attention they need. 

And as a quick sidebar, 1 to 1 coaching is of course as it’s genius title suggests 1 coach and 1 client.

So just what are the benefits of training at a 1 to 4 ratio? First of all safety. 1 coach can easily and effectively instruct correct and motivate a close-knit team ensuring each member carries out the exercises correctly and gets the best workout possible. This creates a 2 hit combo as members learn to conduct their exercises in the correct form and what weight they can handle so when they are in a bigger class environment they’re crushing it!

Another benefit of the Small Group PT is the other members of the group help to keep everyone motivated, offer support and maybe a bit of healthy competition so everyone can reach their potential, also outside all the sets and reps we find that the small group set up goes a long way to build a community where training partners become friends in and outside the gym (and fit good looking friends at that, bonus)     

But surely 1 to 1 training must be better right? Well in some specific cases this is true such as those training for something very specific like a high level athlete or people recovering from an injury that prevents them carrying out the bulk of core exercises but in actuality, the vast majority of people benefit from very similar programmes so highly specialised training programmes just aren’t necessary.

Most people get great benefits from an exercise programme that is aimed at correcting posture and alignment (we tend to spend a good amount of the day hunched over a keyboard or phone), unilateral (one-sided) work to help with any muscular imbalances, some shoulder stabilisation exercises and an increased number of posterior (back and pulling) exercises and all this and more can be achieved in the Small Group PT setting. 

But Coach, I’m new to this – what if everyone else is a lot fitter or more experienced than me?

Now if I had a penny for every time those words were uttered well and to be honest, I think almost everyone new to the Journey has said something along those lines.

This is actually another huge benefit of the Small Group PT methodology, our experienced coaches can easily modify exercises, alter weight and coach technique with such small numbers and the rest of the group who were where you are now can really encourage and offer support. 

In conclusion, at The Journey we believe Small Group PT is fundamental to your success to give to the personal attention you need while harnessing the power of a close-knit group to motivate and encourage you.

If you have any questions or would like to book a free trial, complete the form and start your journey today.