How To Rest And Recover

All types of training put the body and its systems under physiological stress. Incorporating rest and recovery will allow your body to adapt and cope with this stress. Your body becomes fitter, stronger and healthier as a result. You can then push yourself to the next level.

4 recovery tips:

1) Add rest days and deload weeks

Rest days will help limit fatigue, allowing you to feel fresh and give more in every training session.

Include a ‘deload’ training week, which is reduced in volume (total number of sessions), once every 4-6 weeks allows your body and mind to recover from the continual stress of a regular training.

2) Sleep:

The most important time for your body to rest and recover is when you are sleeping. If we do not allow ourselves adequate sleep time, we reduce our capacity to recover and adapt. Aim for 7-8 hours of sleep a night.

3) Nutrition & Hydration:

The body’s energy stores need to be topped up after exercise, it is also important to maintain these stores throughout your training regime.

Eat regularly and include a variety of fruits and vegetables. Limit processed foods and those that are high in sugar. Reduce your alcohol consumption. Drink plenty of water (aim for 2.5 litres a day).

4) Body & Tissue Maintenance:

Active rest – low intensity activities such as walking or stretch/mobility training can promote muscle relaxation, oxygen delivery and the removal of waste products from the tissues.

Massage – can help with recovery. Not only does it have physical effects such as; relaxing muscles, helping deliver oxygen and nutrients while also removing waste products, it also improves your mood making you more relaxed and rested.

Passive rest – will improve your mood and psychological fatigue as it allows you to ‘switch off’. Allow yourself time to read a book, listen to music etc.

If you feel as though your training progress has stalled, see whether you are focusing on any of these strategies as much as on your training.

Ask our staff for a check in and we will help and advise all of the above in your monthly success strategy check in.

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