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3-month ‘Transformation’ package that works or your money back!

I think our centres name gives a big clue as to what we believe the essence of health and fitness to be. That’s right a ‘Journey’ and not a destination ( a cliche I know but it’s kind of true) in other words a life long commitment to getting and staying in shape, whatever that means to you, at all stages of life.

Surely then a 3-month ‘transformation package’ doesn’t really align with such a philosophy? Well we believe it does, we think the Transformation package is a little like a reverse marathon,(no, not 26 miles running backwards, just imagine the calf cramp after that?) but during a marathon, the elite athletes often put in a ‘sprint finish’. Well, our 3-month Transformation package could be considered a ‘sprint start’ to a life long ‘marathon’ of success. 

Why our package is so effective?

So with so many fat loss and body transformation packages out there why is ours so effective? Well, we believe this is a question of the ‘what’, and the ‘how’.

The ‘what’ of any successful package is likely to be broadly the same or instance setting a goal, a focus on diet and some training but the ‘how’ these things are delivered and fit together can be very different and we believe is critical to success.

So just ‘how’ do we combine these aspects (any many more) to make our Transformation package so effective? Now that’s a great question. 

Motivation and creating life-long habits 

Science suggests that 90 days is a great time period to set and achieve goals, any shorter then the targets we set don’t seem to compel or ‘stretch’ us enough to give it our all, any longer then the ‘pay off’ of all our hard work just seems too far away to fully motivate us (is this ever going to end style).

In addition recent research has proven that it takes an average of 66 days (and not the 21 days as previously thought) to create and integrate life long habits such as exercise and healthy eating so anything shorter such as the onslaught of 30 day packages run the risk of maybe hitting your target only to slip back to your old ways and inevitably back to your original size or maybe even a little bigger ‘Yo-Yo’ diet style.

Short-term sacrifice

Our programme focuses heavily on the nutritional aspect of weight loss which of course includes giving up many of the foods ( in the quantities) you likely currently enjoy, now a lifetime of not eating these things could be very boring but with a goal and deadline that excites you enough a 90 day ‘sprint’ is completely manageable, especially as you’ll be eating some delicious healthy foods and ‘tweaks’ to your current favourite treats in their place. 

Measurability and accountability

Often the missing pieces in reaching any goal are measurability & accountability and our 3-month Transformation package has these embedded in the process in many forms. Before you start you will have your ‘stats’ such as current body fat percentage and weight taken and recorded and also a ‘before photo’ so you know what your doing is moving you towards your goal and if any changes need to be made along the way.  These also provide motivation as you see yourself improving over time, plus when you’re looking awesome when the 3 months are up, you’ll have that before photo to look back on and think ‘ holy moly I’m never going back there’. 

Accountability, Journey style, means ‘who or what is going to get you to do the things you don’t always want to do, in order to get the results you want’.

Let’s face it we pretty much all know the things we need to do to get fit and lean but if your like a lot of people you struggle to do them consistently and need a ‘gentle push’ and that’s where accountability comes in.  

Whilst on the Transformation package you will receive regular ‘Strategy Meetings’ with your coach to discuss what’s going well and what might not be working for you. Also with such a strong community as the Journey, other members will also help to hold you accountable and ensure you’re giving your all at class and PT sessions (as well as give you a hug or boot in the buttocks if you miss a few) one of our mottos here, which echoes back to the military background of many of the trainers is ‘Leave no-one behind’. (on the other hand you will be leaving some of your own behind by the end of the journey as you reduce and tone that booty)

The MyZone app keeps you more informed and accountable during your sessions

In addition to human accountability, you will also have the option to go ‘new-school’ and utilise the ‘MyZone’ system which you can use both in and outside the gym. MyZone sets you a target of ‘MEPs Points’ – a tracker of both how hard you’ve been working in a session and the total effort over a day, week, month etc. In essence, it ‘gamifiys’ the workout experience and if a little healthy competition is something that helps you and creates a league table to see how you fare against other members of the Journey.

If you think this will benefit you on your fat loss and fitness journey and beyond you will need to purchase a ‘MyZone belt’ but when you sign up for our Transformation package you will receive a substantial discount.  For more information on MyZone check out the link below: https://myzone.org/myzone-user/

Small group PT sessions 

Included in the package are 2 ’Small group’ PT sessions per week, these close-knit sessions will be based around ‘resistance’ and weight training and have one coach and up to 4 clients. Weight training has been proven to be highly beneficial to fat loss as muscle requires more calories to maintain than fat and of course you don’t just want to just be ‘lighter’ by the end of your journey, you do in fact probably want a ‘toned’ well-shaped physique and resistance training is the best way to achieve this.  In these small group PT session you will learn to carry out core exercises correctly and safely which in turn will help you in your own private workouts so you get the most out of every session. 

Fitness Classes (64 to choose from per month)

In addition to the PT Sessions you will also have access to any of the 64 monthly fitness classes we run at the Journey.  A fitness class will likely contain some resistance training but is largely aimed at burning calories and torching body fat, both in and after the class via Energy, Post, Exercise, Oxygen, Consumption (EPOC) (blog post on this to follow soon) but basically means that when you when work hard enough during a session your body continues to burn calories at a higher rate even after you finish (burn fat sat on the couch anyone). Also, our fitness classes are all about the motivation, tunes and fun to get the very best out of you!    

Daily conditioning workouts 

As well as the 64 monthly classes open to you the coaches will design a ‘Daily conditioning Workout’ to conduct in your own time in our conditioning suite or at home or in a hotel etc if you can’t make it in. These add flexibility if you can’t make our classes for some reason (or for our over-achievers and ‘Mep Point’ hunters out there you can complete these in addition to the classes). If you decide to purchase a MyZone belt then you will be given a number of points and / or ‘Zone’ to workout in. If you don’t then worry not, we’ve got ya covered, the PT’s will set out an ‘As Many Reps As Possible’ (AMRAP) workout or something similar so you have a target to shoot for and can track your improvement. 

Nutrition and eating plan 

Last and of course by no means least no truly successful fat loss programme can disregard the importance of eating in alignment with your goals and we are no exception. At the start of your Journey you will receive a nutrition programme and may be asked to keep a food diary by your coach (there’s that all important accountability again). A nutrition discussion will also form a large part of your ’Strategy sessions’ with your coach to keep you dialled in and on point.

Nothing to lose but fat, 100% money back guarantee 

We at the Journey are SO sure our programme will work for you that it is fully guaranteed, if you do what we ask of you and you still fail to lose body fat then you will receive a 100% refund, no questions asked.

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Hope to see you and help you take the first step of your journey soon.