The Journeyman. No man left behind.

Join a brotherhood of men, training and developing together to create positive futures for each other.
You know you are capable of so much more. You know you want more. You know you hate average.

Yet somehow, along the way, you made up a story... that it's not so bad.

How do I know? Because I have been there, seen it, done it. Put on the smile... I love my job. I love my colleagues. But when I got home... miserable. Sick of the hours. Sick of the job. Sick of the situation - and zero loyalty despite working your ar*e off.

Then someone calls you out and asks - are you really ready for change?

So I created the Journeyman for men only. To provide a dedicated programme that allows all men, no matter their story to train together and grow together. Because men suffer too and deserve a place to share, grow and learn from each other.

But what are you going to do now? Disappear into a dark room. Continue along the same path. Or, accept your current reality for what it is and vow to change it and do something different.

It's time to get involved.

Steve Losh, The Journeyman Programme.
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