The Journey. Helensburgh.

The Journey aims to encourage and motivate their clients towards their fitness goals through holistic and fun memberships.
Everyone has their own fitness goals but more often, are not quite sure how to achieve them. Our job is to encourage and keep you motivated along the path towards a healthier and happier you. Our ‘Journeymen’ (our affectionate name for our clients) receive tailored classes, designed around their specific fitness programmes. Couple that with our nutritional planning, it allows our experienced Personal Trainers to create a comprehensive and clear path, that's unique to you.

We believe that every journey starts with a single step, so let’s start it together.

What's included?

⬢ Tailored PT Sessions (semi-private)
⬢ Access to private members group chat
⬢ In-body scans & stat tracking
⬢ Unlimited 'Team Training' classes
⬢ Nutritional guides and coaching
⬢ MyZone Fitness tracker voucher
⬢ Exclusive welcome gift set
⬢ Monthly educational seminars i.e. NLP, goal setting, movement and motion, running maintenance etc
NEW! Exclusive member loyalty discounts - see full list
⬢ Plus access to ALL SOS Drop-In Classes

Don't forget your free consultation for all new enquires.

We believe that each one of us has a different goal when it comes to fitness. How fast we get there is really what makes our membership options different from other options - we designed ours with one thing in mind, that our memberships would be based on time, not ability.
Our entry membership is the perfect starting place for those who have never been on a programme or those who simply want to start ‘exploring’ over a longer term. With 1 semi-private PT class per week and unlimited team training, you'll be well on your way to exploring what you're truly capable of.

Enquire about 'The Explorer' ➔
Our most popular membership. For most people, a combination of 2 semi-private PT sessions, alongside access to all team classes will deliver fantastic results. Benefit from the all the same benefits at our Explorers but with the addition of twice as much time with your Personal Trainer.

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A Journey's Trailblazer is someone who helps create their own pathways. Going above a beyond the most popular package, the third semi-private PT sessions per week and unlimited team will have you carving out fantastic results in no time at all - grit and tenacity required!

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Consider yourself someone who doesn't like to wait for things to happen? Have you got the stamina to become a Journey Conquerer and take on 4 PT sessions per week and all the team training sessions you can handle? As a Conquerer, there will be no goal that we won't achieve together.

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When you join The Journey, we wanted to make booking and managing your PT sessions as simple as possible.

With the MindBody App (available on all major app stores) for your phone, it really is as easy as one click booking for classes so you don't have to worry about anything else, other than turning up and smashing your fitness goals together.

And don't worry, if something comes up, the MindBody App even allows you to reschedule your classes too - all with minimum fuss.

With over 60 class times per week to choose from (see our full schedule here) and semi-private of 2-4 clients per class, our promise is that you will feel less like a number, and more like a valued team member, with your personal results to prove it. Have a listen to some of our current members' stories below:

Where can you find us?

We consider our PT Centre to be right on the forefront of unique and effective facilities and we have a location to match.

You’ll find us on the front promenade of Helensburgh at 24 West Clyde St. With plenty of parking and a view out to the Clyde, we think that you'll really love our prime location.

Why not pop in or call us and find out more about what we offer.

24 West Clyde St,
G84 8SQ

Office: 01436 268 622
Mobile: 07951 229752
We offer a free consultation chat with every new trial, allowing us to better understand where you want to be. Our trial is a great opportunity to work out which programme works for you, arrange nutritional plans, and of course, a chance to try out our classes and experience the community that makes The Journey so unique.

To find out more about the Journey, or sign up for a Trial, use this quick form and we'll be in touch.