Free Week At SOS Fitness

Get 1 Free Week at SOS Fitness, and get a feel for our classes and introduction to the way we operate.
The SOS Fitness way is always to provide effective and fun classes for clients of all abilities. Whether you are just starting out and want to see what we can offer, or are someone who likes to go all-in when they take on a challenge (the extra value of our 'Unlimited Classes' option is probably for you) we have plenty on offer. As we motivate and challenge ourselves as a group, it creates amazing results – like friendship, community and of course, the opportunity to discover how good we can truly feel.

Our most vital feedback from our members is the variation of events, with like-minded people attending, that keeps training engaging and more enjoyable than any 'brick and mortar' gym they've attended before. This makes us so happy to hear and it's important to keep that the #1 priority.
It’s the spirit that makes SOS team classes what they are. Why not come along and give it a go?
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