Expertly crafted recipe books

Our members are always looking for new, healthy meal ideas so we carefully curated (right down to the macro detail) our favourite selection - now everyone can access these recipes and turn-up their nutritional food game.
When trying to lose weight, gain muscle or just generally become a happier, healthier version of you, most people fail at the same thing - knowing what to eat. We saw this as a perfect opportunity to provide even more value to our members by providing a simple set of recipes, chock full of value and information needed to eat tasty, healthy meals every day. As much as we love our members - we felt it a shame to not make these available to the general public too - so we did.

Introducing our 3 digital recipe book downloads:
– The Everyday Recipe Book
– The Summer Salad Recipe Book
– The Vegetarian Recipe Book

Each book is packed full of fantastic meal ideas, each benefiting from the following:
– A video of each of the meals being made to help you follow along
– The exact calories / protein / carb / fat / sugar breakdown of each meal
– A very handy barcode for scanning directly into your Myfitnesspal for super simple tracking
– And of course, the traditional method clearly breaking down the recipe into a few easy steps

Check out the full details below and don't forget we've got a special bundle deal where you can get all 3, for the price of 2!

Everyday Recipe Book - £9.99

Spanning 30 expertly created recipes that you can create from every day ingredients (no lengthy shopping trips for that holy-grail ingredient that no supermarket ever seems to have!). Recipes range from breakfast to dinner.

Perfectly balanced with the macros all laid out for super easy calorie tracking with the Myfitnesspal App. Fancy a sample? We'll email it over.

Vegetarian Recipes - £9.99

Who says vegetarian meals are all the same?

Once again, these 30 expertly created recipes cover a wide range of ingredients that you can pick up locally and are packed with protein and healthy nutrients to see you through your day feeling satisfied. Fancy a sample? We'll email it over.

Summer Salad Recipes - £9.99

Brighten up your day with one of 30 amazing salad dishes - featuring our "just add protein" tracking methodology. Never feel stuck, or asking yourself what to add to your salad again as there is so much variation in here that you could eat a salad every day for a month and never feel repetitive! Fancy a sample? We'll email it over.

Get access to all 90 fantastic recipes for less than you would spend on a meal at your favourite restaurant. We are extremely proud to offer all 3 of our recipe books, for the price of 2 - we think you'll absolutely love it!