What do we offer?

With our online coaching programme we are offering an unlimited downloadable workout plan, as well as a bank of healthy recipes that fit in with our flexible eating plan designed to allow you to achieve optimum results no matter where in the world you may be. So no matter how busy or not busy you are, as the case may be, there will be something here for you. 


OPTION 1: £40 p/m

With this option, you will receive the following:


  • Access to the home workouts page
  • Access to the flexible eating plan
  • Access to the meal plans and recipes.
  • Access to the Facebook group, with weekly check ins and updates with your coaches
  • Complete support network with all of our coaches


OPTION 2: £99 p/m

With this option receive access to the following

  • Your own bespoke programme tailored to you and your fitness goals
  • Access to the Facebook group for: weekly check ins, updates, and advice from the coaches.
  • Access to all of the online programming and home workouts.
  • Access to all of the nutritional information, inc. meal plans recipes and so much more.
  • Get complete support from our coaches anywhere in the world.


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