What is NLP?

Described as the study of ‘Excellent Performance’, a ‘users manual for the brain’ and ‘a set of practical skills and insights that you can use to improve how you communicate with others, manage your moods and live a more rewarding life. If you are a fan of sales heavyweights such as the ‘Wolf of Wall Street’ Jordan Belfort, and Grant Cardone, then you may already be familiar with a fraction of what you will learn on this course.

Also, if your interested in how the ‘magic’ of words create seductive marketing and powerful influence, or, how the worlds most successful coaches such as Tony Robbins consistently achieve incredible, life changing results – then this course is for you. Why? Because, many of the methods used to create these top performers highly successful systems originate in or can be found in NLP.

Topics covered on the NLP course include:

  • The mindset for success
  • Gaining rapport with anyone in seconds
  • Setting and achieving compelling goals
  • Creating and controlling your STATE for optimal results
  • The power of visualisation
  • Breaking through limiting beliefs that may have been holding you back
  • Destroying fears and phobias
  • Connecting with and influencing others with powerful words and ‘Language patterns’
  • Increased confidence, resilience and communication skills
  • Coaching your team to consistently great results
  • Plus so much more

When is it on?

Our Spring course is  now under way! Dates for our Autumn course to follow.

After 4 sessions, those attending all modules will be awarded a fully recognised Diploma in NLP from the Association of Neuro Linguistic programming (ANLP) http://www.anlp.org (follow link for more information on all things NLP).

What’s more! Anyone wishing to take there skills further can attend an additional 4 days training and become a fully qualified ‘NLP Practitioner’ which officially empowers you to use your ‘techniques’ with others as a fully qualified ‘coach’ and gain incredible results in both your and other peoples lives. Please ask for more details on this during your coaching.

Personal Promise

We are so confident in our NLP course that if your not entirely satisfied, we will be more than happy to offer further coaching or offer a full refund until you have gained the highest value.