What to expect at your first class

Before the class
You will be welcomed by the instructor and handed a Health Questionnaire which will be totally confidential when complete. This document informs the instructor of any special requirements you have and helps to ensure your safety at all times. In addition you will be given a Welcome Proforma to take away with you and complete in your own time as you wish. The form will ask you for your goals and wishes for joining us and also for a short background of your training history (classes you’ve attended, what you liked and didn’t like etc). It would be great if you could complete this form and hand it back to an instructor as soon as your done. We at SOS pride ourselves on getting results and creating the Ultimate lifestyle and training packages and the information shared on this form really helps us give you the best experience possible.

The class routine
The class will begin with a warm up and circuit explanation to get you ready for the session. The warm up frequently includes a lot of fun and games and will really get your body and mind ready for a good session. We are famous for our warm ups and find they are perfect for shaking off those work day stresses and strains. Prior to the circuit all exercises will be demonstrated and also coached throughout the session. This will ensure each exercise is carried out correctly getting you the greatest benefit and reducing any risk. Exercises, reps and timings will be tailored to suit all abilities from beginner to advanced meaning all levels get a great session.

After the main session we will frequently use a finisher where we target one energy system (achieving all round fitness) or muscle group. This offers balance and progression to the sessions and really lets you know your achieving your goals. A good finisher will leave you feeling challenged and energised and really let you know you have had a great session. After the class we always have a cool down and stretch reducing any soreness and leaving you feeling recovered, refreshed, and ready for more!

Between sessions
We at SOS Fitness know you are with us for an hour a day and that for the other 23 you lead busy and challenging lives. Because of this we are here to support you 24 /7 via our vibrant and interactive online community providing information, support and motivation. SOS instructors are on hand to answer personal questions where possible and promise to get back to you as soon as they can. We also offer well reached nutrition, lifestyle and mindset information via our website, newsletter and Facebook page.

One compliment we receive and are very proud of is that SOS is a family and are here to assist you all the way to reaching your goals and beyond. We would like to thank you for visiting our website and look forward to meeting you soon and welcoming you to your first class.



Group Training FAQ

Do I need to be fit to attend?
All classes cater for a range of fitness levels from complete beginner to experienced trainers and exercises are adjusted to suit individual needs. We do run beginners classes at venues where numbers allow to bring new people together to start their journey. Check out the Venues page for more details.

Do I need to check in with my doctor before I attend a class?
Prior to your first class you will be given a Health Questionnaire to fill in detailing any conditions or aliments the instructors need to be aware of. If you have any concerns it’s always a good idea to obtain medical advice. All pregnant participants should receive medical approval before attending.

Is there a fitness assessment before you start?
There is no fitness assessment prior to starting the group sessions. If you would like to gain a deeper knowledge of your current fitness and health status we can arrange a one to one consultation where an instructor will administer various assessments and health checks. This takes around 60 minutes at a cost of £30 and is a totally voluntary service.

What should I wear?
We advise warm, comfortable and practical training gear and a decent pair of outdoor shoes. Fashion training wear is unlikely to offer adequate support and may lead to Injury. For outdoor sessions a set of warm clothes is advised, to put on, on completion of the session. All other equipment will be supplied by the instructor.

What should I bring?
Please bring along your own water as hydration is extremely important. Also bring along a big smile as we like to have fun!

Will I be shouted at?
No, no one is shouted at directly. Our instructors will give instructions and use their voices to offer encouragement to the group. We love a bit of fun and ‘banter’ and use motivation to help you achieve your goals.

Where do I put my valuables?
Please try to avoid brining any unnecessary valuables with you. Most venues will have an area to sign in and store valuables securely at all times. If not the instructor will use their vehicle or a lock box that they will keep with the group at all times.

It’s raining, snowing, hot… today, are we training?
Yes as long as it is safe to do so SOS Fitness will always train. If absolutely necessary we may need to cancel so please make sure we have your details and keep an eye out on the website or Facebook page. At SOS Fitness we know your time is valuable, so if one person turns up, we train.

How can I pay for the sessions?
You can pay a ‘drop in’ (pay per session) fee or join our membership scheme where venues offer this service. We are committed to giving our clients the best value possible and frequent attendees often benefit from becoming a member and coming to unlimited classes. Please see your instructor for more details.

Can I bring a friend along?
Absolutely, please bring as many people as you like along to join in the fun. Contact your instructor or see our ‘free taster week’ offers with no obligation to make sure SOS Fitness are the best choice for you and your fitness journey.

Any other questions?
We are delighted to help. Please feel free to use our contact us page and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.