Earn money doing something you love and change lives along the way!

SOS Fitness are looking for motivated and dedicated Fitness Professionals that enjoy being part of a team and are looking to boost their income making a difference.

When you join the SOS team you will be sent your uniform and franchise pack containing literally everything you need to get started, fill your camps and run a successful, enjoyable and profitable business. Once underway SOS are here to help and offer advice and mentoring at your request making the running of your franchise quick ,simple and enjoyable (yes we’ve even done all the boring paper work and legal stuff for you)

With years of experience and a team ready to assist we can help with publicity, promotion and initiatives to keep your clients coming back for more and referring their friends and family keeping both your classes and pockets full.

SOS has grown into far more than just an exercise class and the earning potential of a franchise can become literally as high as you wish. At no extra cost you will have access to our Drop a Dress size package and the formats for our highly profitable Kids and Adventure camps as well as tips on running your own residential retreats as you see fit.

When you become part of a winning team you can rest assured, rewards will follow dedication as we offer a virtually unlimited passive earning potential through our SOS referral scheme. For everyone you refer to our already established camps you will receive 10% commission on the booking price. For instance if 2 people attend our 6 day residential you will receive around £198 in return for helping us promote a product you can stand behind and trust.

The SOS mission is to make Health and Fitness, Effective, Accessible & Enjoyable for all and if that resonates with you why not join us today!

For further information please fill out our quick form below and we will get in touch as quickly as possible.