7 shopping tips we swear by

Healthy shopping tips from The Journey

Is the old adage correct, are abs really made in the kitchen?

Abs are in fact made in the womb (yep, we’ve all got them already – it’s just revealing them that takes some ninja skills! More topically, we can only cook with the ingredients we have, so it may, in fact, be more accurate to say ‘abs start in the supermarket’.

So, in this blog post I thought I’d share a few flat stomach shopping tips, some you’ll have heard of before (because they work) and maybe a couple of newbies. 

1. Prep your mind and body

This tip is a little unusual but then again so are the trainers at the Journey (that’s the word I like to use anyway). Before you leave the house, have a read over your goals (you’ve got them written down right?) and remind yourself how important they are to you and why you wish to achieve them, then go upstairs and put on your ‘Skinny jeans’ you know those clothes that are a little to tight on you right now, then as you shop allow that little bit of ‘pressure’ on your personage to apply some pressure on your mind to ‘Stick to your list’ (see #2).

2. Make a shopping list

Prior Preparation Prevents purchasing, Podge, Producing, Produce

This is a classic, make a list of what you actually NEED not what you WANT and stick to it, the marketing machine spends billions on tempting you to buy things that aren’t ‘good’ for you so if you don’t have a plan then the 2 for 1 Dorito deals and muffin monster may have you loading that trolly with fat accumulating Frankin foods (stuff that passes as food but Mother Nature has played no part in).  A bonus tip here is to put your list on repeat (like your favourite playlist) have the ‘staples’ on there every time you shop. Alternatively shop online where you are less likely to be tempted.  

3. Leave the kids at home.

“Mummy, Daddy can I have this 48 pack of crisps plllleeeaassseee you get a free whistle shaped like a dolphin” 

Little explanation required here kids want every sugary, salty item in the store and their constant shenanigans test your will power at every turn. If possible leave the little cherubs at home. You’ll probably save money too and as a “Brucey Bonus” your house will be devoid of terrible ‘free’ gifts that torture you long after you’ve left the shop. 

4. Never shop when you’re hungry.

Another classic shopping tip, ‘when your blood sugars low your trolley will grow’ and inevitably with high-calorie snacks and poor food choices. If possible go after a meal or have a ‘healthy’ snack before embarking on your shop it will help you stick to that list (you have it right)

5. Shop around the perimeter

Typically your fat loss supporting foods are around the outside of the store. Think about it for a moment, starting with fruit and veg, moving on to fish, meat, dairy, bakery (yep another debate to be had there but we’ll leave it for now).  In short, ‘if you shop in the middle, you shop for your middle’. The centre-isles of your average supermarket are a labyrinth of sugary cereals, crisps, processed foods etc ‘Give them a swerve for the body you deserve’.

Yeah I know I sound like a fat loss Eminem now, so I’ll move on.

6. Read the labels, or better still buy foods without one

Get intimately acquainted with the ingredients and nutrition of your food (and no that doesn’t mean you need to date the salami) it just means over time learn about what’s in your food, what contains hidden sugars, trans fats, what’s high calorie with low benefits.

Better still go for foods with very few ingredients or without a label such as an apple or joint of beef etc, ‘the longer the list then be sure it’s missed’.

7. Treat shopping as the first ‘workout’ of the week 

And no I don’t mean load the trolley to the brim so it feels like an 80kg prowler push (if you’re not sure what this is, then ask your trainer to slip it in your programme). No, by this I mean priorities your shopping, quite often when we get into a routine we start to enjoy our trips to the gym (who wouldn’t when it’s the Journey) and as we all tend to do more of the things we enjoy we often make sure we don’t miss a workout.

However, we’ve all heard that nutrition is between 80-90% of the fat loss game so if we want maximum results we really should get this aspect covered off before we go squatting.

Hope this list helps you win the war on what’s in your trolly team and to close on a final T-shirt worthy slogan:

Get the shopping right and your gut will be tight.